Preview books by James More

For a Purpose


For a Purpose takes you on a wild bus ride for a rerouting. If you have never ridden on a bus, you do not know what you are missing. Almost as fun as a Ferris wheel and not as exciting as a roller coaster. 

About Hats


About Hats includes a poem, a haiku, and a story with historical and nature pictures by James More. About Hats is the sequel to Something About Hats. This author rides bicycle 56 miles while camping in a tent to deliver hardcover books for presents to mentors

Something About Hats


Something About Hats includes improvised and improved stories from the author's passage for education and experience leading him to publishing this book.

James More presents Fly The Flag


Fly the Flag comes in red, white, and blue for those who like red, white, and blue covers. Inside, you will find essentially identical stories.  This author uses pictures to accompany the storeis.  The back cover has a picture of his camp with a dusting of snow on the tent top where he writes stories to make this book. 

Sunflower Safari


Sunflower Safari---The author goes on a photo shoot. He finds obstacles and obstructions, and he does not know what is ahead of him when he goes on this photo shoot.

Bloodhound Charlie


Bloodhound Charlie appears in the alley where they gather to play backyard baseball. Where does Bloodhound Charlie come from and what they do? The author appears in this story, so see if you know who he is when you read Bloodhound Charlie. 


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