To preview books by James More

James More presents Fly The Flag

Fly the Flag is a book in red, white, and blue cover for those who like red, white, and blue covers. Inside the cover, you will read a sequence of stories from the author's pathway for education and experience when times are tough for those in the generation gap. James More uses photos to generate artistic interest.  On the rear cover you see a photo of his camp with a dusting of snow where he writes stories and keeps notes in his journal.

Bloohound Charlie by James More

When Bloodhound Charlie appears in the alley where we gather to play baseball in a backyard during the summer where does he come from and what we do you do? The author appears in this story, so see if you find who he is when you read the story, Bloodhound Charlie?


Something About Hats

Something About Hats is a book with episodes from this author's life about his pathway for education and experience. In Something About Hats, More uses his best photos from when he camps outside in a tent to make a black and white and a color edition

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