Something About Hats

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James More, Author of Something About Hats makes color photo prints, posters, calendars, and memorabilia available 

Autumn Buck

I ride one evening and on a back road I see this big buck standing motionless so I do the photo.  When the doe lifts her head I understand why he stands guard.

Young Buck Posing

I camp, ride, and do photos, while writing stories about my pathway for education and experience  for book Something About Hats. 

Skagit River Ride photo prints & posters

Fishing the Skagit River

Fishing the Skagit River

I tour on Blue Cloud bicycle and camp outside under a rain fly. I ride about 50 to 75 miles a day enjoying the scenery and fresh air.

Two Guineas Worth

On tour, I find many interesting sites. Here is Two Guineas Worth poster and photo print.

Last Call Church

Touring, I pass by the Last Call Church.  This is a BYOB service noon to closing.

Squire Creek

I tour in October. What beautiful color.

Oso Bridge View

I tour through Oso before the mud slide.

Autumn Sunset

The autumn color is magnificent and I feel I am with nature.

Artistic Photo Prints & Posters

108 years they wait for another World Series

Thou Art Saved

108-year walk of faith for another World Series in 2016