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About Hats

About Hats 6x9

About Hats includes a poem, a haiku, and a story with historical and nature pictures. The story is about delivering hardcover books to mentors, and this author rides many miles while he camps in a tent.  "Saying goodbye for the last time hurts all the time."

About Hats

About Hats 8.5x11

The 8.5x11  has larger pictures for discussion. Good for coffee tables, lobbies, and waiting rooms. Artistic, creative, and entertaining.

About Hats 8.5x11

Other books by James More

Something About Hats

Something About Hats  has improvised and improved stories from when this author camps and writes stories to make his first book. About Hats is the sequel with a poem, a haiku, and a story, nature and historical pictures about delivering books to mentors.

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Bloodhound Charlie (Call for reward)

Bloodhound Charlie is a story from one of this author's early childhood memories growing up in a rur

Bloodhound Charlie is a story from one of this author's early childhood memories growing up in a rural town of 

Snifton and playing baseball in the backyards.

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Fly the Flag (In white cover)

Fly the Flag is a book with stories in red, white, and blue covers for those who respect red, white, and blue covers. The stories inside those covers are essentially identical and begin with a lesson after school, not forgotten. 

Fly the Flag (In White cover)

Fly the Flag (In blue cover)

Fly the Flag comes in red, white and blue covers and although the stories are essentially identical whether in red, white. or blue cover

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Fly the Flag (In red cover

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